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About US

Britt Blankenship

I have been shooting firearms all my life.  Started out hunting with my father and then did a career in the Marine Corps.  After I retired, I earned my NRA instructor certificate in basic pistol and rifle.  I have a passion for teaching and firearms.  My focus is on safety and marksmanship.

We want you to be safe and be prepared.  Condition Orange is a state where you are alert, aware, and ready to act.  Come and see us, learn from us, and be ready for anything.

Cynthia Blankenship

I am a certified NRA instructor as well as certified with The Well Armed Woman. Shooting is not only a hobby but my passion.  You may have seen me at the range, I'm there at least 3 or 4 times a week.  My goal is to help students, especially women and children, learn and gain confidence in firearms and personal protection.  

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